Glass X Design


Agrumes Lumiere (means 'citrus light' in French)

Hot worked Orangina glass bottle, stainless steel stand

Classic Dry Light

Hot worked glass wine bottle, stainless steel stand

Premium Light

Hot worked Moo Brew glass beer bottle, stainless steel stand

Exhibited as part of a group exhibition:
Glass X Design
Canberra Glassworks
November 2014 - January 2015


A collaborative exhibition where designers and glass artists were asked to work in pairs joining intellect and skills to collaboratively produce a new product or suite of works.

The brief was open with the single practical direction given to keep their work small in physical scale. This cross disciplinary exhibition will include both established and emerging designers and glass artists from across Australia. Dan Lorrimer and Mitchell Brooks (MAKEOUT Design) worked with glass artist Ruth Alllen. The resulting work was three desk lamps combining glass light shades manufactured from recycled glass bottles alongside precision machined metalwork. 

"Our interpretation of the brief was to design a lamp just as durable and functional as those used by machinists in the early part of the last century. We were inspired by the classic angle poise lamp, adaptable and popular in both lounge room and machine­-shop alike, and retort stands used in chemistry experiments, for the simplicity of their design."